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Frequency Asked Questions

Where do we meet?

Charmouth Seafront by the Beach Cafe and Flag Pole, DT6 6LL, Lower Sea Lane.


There are three car parks at Charmouth, currently £1 an hour in the council car park. The walk lasts for 2.5 hours but may run over slightly so 3 hours is advisable. An all day ticket is available. Coaches have to park at the car park on the right, half way down Lower Sea Lane.

2 privately run carparks offer the best all day value but are gated so check the times when you get there.

Do you recommend anywhere to stay?

There is a list of local hotels and B&B's here


There are two cafes at Charmouth beach, which tend to open February half term through to the October Half term, be prepared they may be closed out of season. It is wise to bring a snack.

Where can I get cash locally?

The nearest Bank ATM is Bridport or Lyme Regis although the shop in the village has a cash point. There is also a Post Office in the village.

What if the weather is bad?

Walks take place outside and I do not cancel for bad weather, so make sure you are well wrapped up. If you wish to cancel you should consult the booking form for cancellation terms.

What clothing do you recommend?

If the weather is bad, full waterproofs, jacket and trousers with wellies in winter and lots of layers.In dry weather walking boots or wellies, in summer trainers or crocs are ok. If you wear glasses like I do then a peaked cap keeps the rain off.
Spare socks, shoes and even trousers for the kids, you know what they are like for getting wet! Waves can often catch your feet and wellies allow you to look right into the swash zone.

What equipment do I need?

Strong, small freezer bags for storage of small fossils. A newspaper for wrapping larger fossils, rucksack to carry your fossils in.
Please do not bring chisels, screwdrivers or other sharp tools. Carrier bags, e.g. Tesco bags are near useless for rocks, they break!


Am I guaranteed to find a fossil?

It all depends on the day, how the tides have changed the beach and how good you are at looking carefully, that said I will be helping you so together we will find something, as I have never been down to the beach at Charmouth and come back without a fossil. By being with me and learning all the secrets you will increase your chances of finding something. By the time we finish you may be a fossil hunting expert.

Is Fossil Hunting Safe?

It's like any hobby or sport, if you are sensible then it is safe. If you go under the cliffs then you are putting your self at risk. See our safety advice page and download a PDF Jurassic Coast Fossil Hunting guide. Free.

Will I find a whole dinosaur?

No, you may find a piece of one though! Only one dinosaur species has ever been found at Charmouth and only 11 specimens over 150 years. They are very rare.Three small bits have turned up on my walks over the years but it is the most rare fossil you might find. Most fossils found at Charmouth are of marine animals of the Jurassic Period and are about 200 million years old.